Learning | 16 November 2022

Why was ‘From waste to treasure” your top issue? The story behind the Issue

Why was ‘From waste to treasure” your top issue? [Student] “I found this idea very new and advanced. I had no clue humans would be capable enough to produce this product.”

Questioning was our main literacy focus in term two.  We modelled and built skills on writing different types of questions.  Question asking rather than question answering makes for a dynamic and future focused classroom environment.

In term three we focused on building student writing skills, in particular, the ability to successfully describe, explain and discuss ideas.  During term four, we will focus on developing the five Science capabilities, especially the ability to interpret representations such as graphs, charts and diagrams. The issue of the week will continue along the same format for the rest of this year, at least. The feedback from the Science teachers involved and over 150 students on their experience of ‘the issue of the week’ has been positive.

Emotive or surprising issues prove to be the most popular and successful.  We tend to remember what we learn with passion, disgust or even outrage.  It is exciting when students, who at first were unable or unwilling to form and express an idea, develop into fervent advocates for one point of view or another.

Issue of the Week 44 / 2022

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