Issue of the Week 05 / 2023

Turn around

Pānui – Read, interpret and discuss the information about ozone monitoring in Antarctica.


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Ozone is a reactive form of oxygen that protects Earth from harmful radiation. Read about how New Zealand scientists have been measuring the thickness of the ozone layer in the atmosphere above Antarctica, since the 1980s.


Explore connections to your own life and experiences, while reading about man-made ozone-depleting substances.

  • Activity one
    Find out more about the keywords ‘ozonesonde’ and ‘ozone’. Watch a clip on New Zealand scientists in action at Arrival Heights, a tiny research center near Scott Base, Antarctica. In 1988, the ozone machine, known as a Dobson, was brought to the ice here and has been measuring ozone ever since.
  • Activity two
    Read, interpret and discuss production of ‘ozone destroying’ substances, compare the graphs and answer the questions. Interpret representations.
  • Activity three
    Watch the clips on the ozone layer while selecting three ‘facts’ you find important. Think, pair, share to determine what is of highest importance to your group, and why. Ozone hole versus Climate change, now it is time to ‘Google or Doodle’ and discover some differences between the ozone hole and climate change issues.
  • Activity four
    Learn more about this issue, discuss, question and read about more similarities and differences between enhanced greenhouse gas warming and ozone depletion. Write down 3 questions you still have about the ozone hole.
  • Additional activities
    More to read and watch.


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