Issue of the Week 08 / 2023

Storm warning

Pānui – Read, interpret and discuss the information about tropical cyclone Gabrielle.


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To all who are impacted by Cyclone Gabrielle across the motu, we send you aroha and manaaki – download this IOTW free of charge!

Extreme weather, destructive flooding, storm surges, and landslides, trigger a National state of emergency in New Zealand.


Explore connections to your own life and experiences, while reading about the devastating impacts of Cyclone Gabrielle.

  • Activity one: Watch the clips about the tragedy and destruction caused by the recent severe weather event. Differentiate between the science terms used to name tropical cyclones. Discuss and Interpret representations.
  • Activity two: Discuss what you think with others then write down 3 questions you have about tropical cyclones or climate change. Engage with Science.
  • Activity three:  Use some key words you collect to explain how climate change could be making hurricanes worse.
  • Additional activities: More to read and watch.


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