Issue of the Week 06 / 2023


Pānui – Read, interpret and discuss the information about cell phone use in New Zealand schools.


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Is being without your cell phone good for you and your education, or simply terrifying? Explore this Issue of the Week to find out more!


  • Activity one
    Read the article about a total cell phone ban in a New Zealand school. Discuss with your peers what the term “nomophobia” means to you.
  • Activity two
    Watch the clips and note down some keywords, main ideas and supporting evidence. Select some of the science terms (words) that you collected and learn more about these terms by completing summary boxes like the example given.
  • Activity three
    Class brainstorm, then fill in the table to help you to write a convincing and scientifically based argument. Use the clips website links provided to explore the pros and cons of the cell phones in school issue. Critique evidence.
  • Activity four
    Think about how we communicate our ideas while watching some clips, sharing your ideas as a class and finally completing some writing extension tasks. Use evidence


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