Issue of the Week 44 / 2022

From waste to treasure

Pānui – Read, interpret and discuss the information on converting plastic to oil.


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Find out how a Japanese company harnesses the energy in plastics and addresses the waste problem by turning waste back to useful oil! Interpret representations and discover more about innovation and creativity!

Activities inside this Issue

Explore connections to your own life and experiences while learning about innovation, and ways of dealing with plastic waste. Converting common plastic rubbish into useful raw materials such as liquid fuel and wax may be the way of the future, and it may be closer than you think!

  • Activity one
    Watch inspirational clips, then learn more about what the keyword ‘innovation’ means. Discuss and Interpret representations.
  • Activity two
    Watch clips on technology and innovation, indigenous scientists, and asking questions. Write your own questions and then discuss different viewpoints on the issues raised today. Engage with Science.
  • Additional activities
    More to read and watch.



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