Issue of the Week 09 / 2023

Chemical Free Me

Pānui Read, interpret and discuss the information about natural and synthetic chemicals.



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Explore connections to your own life and experiences, while reading about the irrational fears some people have of chemicals.


  • Activity one: Read, interpret and discuss the statement “Why is it that when we see the word “natural” on a product, we automatically assume it is better?” The article is based on opinion.
  • Activity two: Critical thinking, find out more about what this means. Watch the clips. and note down key words, ideas and evidence, then try the Pseudoscience Quiz. Choose one of 13 myths to learn more about. On your own, or in pairs, complete a 3,2,1 summary table like the example given.
  • Activity three:  Think about  and discuss the graph, answer the questions. The relative toxicity of some man-made and natural substances may surprise you.
  • Additional activites: More to read and watch.


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