Issue of the Week 21 / 2023

Carbon dioxide and you

Pānui Read, interpret and discuss the information about carbon dioxide, fuels, the greenhouse effect and some innovative solutions!


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Explore connections to your own life and experiences, while reading about global Carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels and some carbon dioxide removal technologies.


  • Activity one
    Discuss what you think with others about carbon dioxide and climate change. Write down three questions you have on these issues. Pānui Read, interpret and discuss the information given. Engage with Science.
  • Activity two
    Compare information on two graphs and a diagram before relating this to the results of global warming
  • Activity three
    Compare pictures of glaciers shrinking over time then watch some clips and write some more questions that come to mind. Determine if your questions are open or closed.
  • Additional activities

More to read and watch.


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