Issue of the Week 43 / 2022

Baby elephants in need

Pānui – Read, interpret and discuss the information about baby elephants in need.


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An emotive story about Zongoloni, a baby elephant who was rescued after poachers killed her mother. This tragic story helps students to become aware of the complex issues around elephant poaching.

Activities inside this Issue

Explore connections to your own life and experiences, while reading about how an elephant nursery in Kenya saved the life of one cute baby elephant in need.

  • Activity one
    Find out more about the keyword ‘keystone species’ by interpreting then comparing and contrasting the representations. Interpret representations and engage with Science.
  • Activity two
    Watch a clip on elephants. Rate selected facts and debate which are most important. Engage with Science.
  • Activity three
    Read and watch clips to explore different viewpoints. Interpret the graph. Discuss what you have learnt about the ivory trade and write about your opinion on this issue using our helpful tips as your guide. Gather & interpret data.
  • Additional activities
    More to read and watch.



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