The Issue of the Week – Teaching and Learning Resource

Enhance science capabilities and build curiosity.
‘The Issue of the Week’ will make you wonder how you used to engage your students.

The Issue of the Week is a current and topical Science teaching and learning resource. With a focus on socio-scientific issues we engage and enthuse students. Through discussion, reading, video clips and writing, we build science capabilities alongside literacy skills. We are passionate about nurturing interest in issues that matter. Providing opportunities for young people to work with complex situations, enables them to identify what is important in their own lives and the world around them.


The IOTW has been tried and proven. Kaiako from around New Zealand have used our Issues since 2017.

Topical and Current

When significant events occur, you can expect to have an IOTW to enhance the focus of your teaching programme.


A variety of learning experiences carefully designed to scaffold and challenge student’s thinking.

Science Capabilities

Ākonga love the practical aspects of science learning and the science capabilities bring the Nature of Science (NOS) to life.

Head of Departments can buy IOTW for up to x15 of their staff to save planning time!